about us

Scott Pethtel
I was raised in a small town outside of Chicago. It is there where my salvation experience took place. I still remember the night my dad read from the Bible and asked us if we knew Jesus as our Savior. I told my dad that I didn’t. My parents proceeded to show me, from scripture, that Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the dead to bridge the gap that sin creates between God and man. They explained Romans 10:13, which says that we must call out to God accepting His gift of salvation. It was on that night that I decided to do just that. It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but God has and always will protect me and my family.

Dominique Pethtel
My Dad was in the Army and while we were living in Europe my parents met a missionary. As they became friends with this missionary they started to seek advice from them. My parents found themselves being taken to God’s Word for the answers they were looking for. As they searched out scripture their lives started to change. I began to watch them over the next several years as they continued their journey with God. When I was 10 I decided I wanted that same relationship my parents had with Christ, so I went to pray and talk with our Pastor’s wife during the Sunday Evening invitation. That night I began my own relationship and journey with Christ!

our sending church

“While serving their internship as our Missions Pastor, Scott and Dominique have both displayed a character that is desirous to serve the Lord. Not only have they experienced the birth of their first child, Isabella, while here they have also experienced ministry up close and personal. They have done everything that we have asked them to do, and while seeing areas of opportunities they have jumped in and been eager to work. We are excited and proud to send and support them as they have a heart to reach and minister to people. Their supporting churches will be teaming up with a good family.”

Lifting the Light,





Pastor Charles Ray
Lighthouse Baptist Church
Murfreesboro, TN