Many of us are familiar with the passage in the Bible that is referred to as the “Widow’s Mite” in which a widow gave all she had to God, even though it seemed like so little to man. While participating in a Missions Conference in Ocala, FL we experienced the “Widow’s Mite” first hand, and it is an experience we will never forget. After sharing our burden for Italy one evening, as well as our need for immediate support to help us with traveling expenses, bills, and baby needs an elderly woman approached Dominique and handed her a $20 bill saying she wished she could do more.  The next evening, after listening to another missionary’s burden for New York, the elderly woman that had approached Dominique the night before came to her again.  This time handing her a McDonald’s coupon for a Buy 1, Get 1 Free Big Mac.  She told Dominique that she had been saving this coupon to go on a date with her husband, but thought that we could use it, and needed it, more than she did and that she could go on a date with husband another time. She had truly given all she had! Later, that night, as we were discussing this elderly woman’s heart for God, we realized we had experienced the “Widow’s Mite” first hand, and it challenged us. Even as missionaries do we give all we have to God, and then continue to look for ways to give even more.




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