We left Nebraska four weeks ago with only $200 in our pockets, and I, Dominique, began wondering how that was going to cover our traveling expenses over the next 2 months. Worry really set in when that $200 ran out and Scott informed me that gas was going to have to be put on our credit card, which had been paid off for so long.  I wondered how in the world are we going to pay off anything we put on a credit card when I knew any love offerings we received would be for food and gas to the next church.  God, however, provided in an unexpected way.  Through our amazing Sending Church, Lighthouse Baptist, we were able to pay off what we had accrued on on our credit card. With a huge sigh of relief, we were over hurdle #1 just in time for hurdle #2 to arise.

Our travel trailer’s brakes went out.  Even after God’s provision with traveling expenses I began to panic, “Where was the money to fix the brakes going to come from?” But once again, regardless of my doubt, God showed up.  A gentleman we knew came and fixed our brakes for FREE! Hurdle #2 avoided.

As, we pulled out of Tennessee the next day our brakes went out again.  Of course my first thought was, ” What is going on?”  Frustration, as hurdle #3 showed it’s ugly face, had set in.  What was even more frustrating is Scott’s constant reply was God is going to provide and everything will be fine. As we drove through Atalanta rush hour, still with no trailer brakes, my only response to Scott was, “We’ll see.”

By now you are probably thinking how do I keep doubting things will be provided for and that everything will be okay with all God had done already in such a short amount of time. But, you have all been there.  Sadly, when one hurdle passes and a new one appears it is so easy to forget God’s previous provisions.

After surviving Atalanta rush hour and arriving in Florida, still with no brakes, God showed up yet again despite my doubt.  This past week we took our travel trailer in to get the brakes fixed thinking this will cost an arm and a leg.  When the brakes were fixed and we went to the counter to pay I stood amazed at the cost of what we owed…$11!!!  It was at that point I realized I had been thinking like one of the Israelites in the wilderness, questioning God’s capability to take care of us over and over again.  I felt ashamed, and realized early on in our Missionary Journey God was already teaching me this is going to be a life of complete faith, and that He will be with us the entire time taking care of each hurdle thrown in our path that is meant to try and stop us from engaging Italy for Christ!

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