New Year

As we began looking at what is in store for us in the new year we got very excited. We have our second baby girl scheduled to be delivered April 2, we have several churches and mission conferences we are scheduled to be at, and we are praying to be able to visit Italy again toward the end of the year. With these exciting times also comes the unknown, and some prayer requests that we are asking you to pray with us about as we continue our journey to Italy where God has so clearly called us.

With the excitement of a new baby comes the unknown of traveling the country to raise financial support with a new born,  as well as, the finances to support another child and to be able to pay for the medical bills that are unavoidable with having a baby. So, pray for us as parents that we have wisdom concerning our children, finances to provide for them, and for our children to travel and adjust well to new places as we go to churches across the country.

Our calendar for 2012 is filling up and we are excited to spend time with churches across America sharing our passion and burden for Italy. Even with a fuller calendar this year we still are praying for more opportunities to present our mission field. Pray with us that God directs us to the right churches to partner with us in our ministry, as well as opening the doors and hearts of churches across the country to have us in.

Lastly, we have set a goal that by the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013 that we can raise enough money to take another trip to Italy. This trip will help us better learn the culture, know what we can be working on here in the U.S. to prepare us for a life and ministry in Italy, as well as give us a better grasp on what the start up cost in Italy for a home and  ministry will be.

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