Mouths wide open, standing in complete unbelief knowing that God has once again moved in unimaginable ways. That is the best way we can describe the past 8 months. We have gone from blessings to uncertainty to awestruck. God has really shown Himself and has blessed us beyond our belief.

It started with the birth of our second baby girl, Aria Deyo. Scott had just finished presenting our mission field to several churches in Colorado and had arrived home at 1 a.m. March 26th. He drove through the night to be at one of the last doctor appointments before Aria’s scheduled delivery, April 2nd. After getting the routine vitals before my appointment, weight and blood pressure, my doctor came in looking very concerned. He informed us that my blood pressure had really shot up since my previous appointment and that I had preeclampsia. So, he schedule the delivery for the next day. Aria was born at 7lbs 10 oz, and was 20 in. long…BLESSING!

When Aria was about 3 weeks old our family began traveling to continue raising the necessary funds for our future ministry in Italy. It was about this time Aria began to have some choking and spitting up problems. We first chalked it up to normal new baby issues. Yet, these symptoms progressively got worse. Aria was projectile vomiting after every feeding, as well as choking multiple times at each feeding. We headed back home and at a month old had to have an Upper G. I. done on her. The doctor had warned us previously that it could be anything from acid reflux to something not developing internally correctly…UNCERTAINTY! Of course, we really began to pray that nothing was seriously wrong. God answered our prayers!!! Aria was choking due to severe acid reflux and it could all be controlled by a change in how we were feeding her and some medication…BLESSING!

Once again we hit the road. Since the beginning of May we have been on the road going from church to church sharing the need and our burden to engage Italy with Christ. There have only been a couple of weeks that we were not in a church presenting our mission field. We felt so blessed to be in such amazing churches week after week. Yet we weren’t seeing churches partnering with us. At this point Satan began attacking. We began to wonder what it was we were doing wrong…is there something in our lives we need to get right, are we not clearly and effectively presenting our mission field…Satan had began mental warfare. Doubt and discouragement was setting in…UNCERTAINTY! Scott, however, decided we were not giving in without a fight. Scott began calling and talking to other missionaries for help. He had missionaries at conferences critique our presentation, so that we would know what areas to improve on, as well as ask for tips and advice on how to keep going when we felt like nothing was happening and weariness was setting in. Through the love and encouragement from fellow missionaries that God had placed in our lives we set in our minds and hearts that we are to continue on the path God had called us to despite what happens, because God promised if we were faithful to Him He would be faithful to us. Something we knew, but needed reminded of…BLESSING!!!

In the past 3 weeks God has proven that His plan and timing is nothing less that perfect. We have seen multiple churches partner with us. We have had other churches partner with us at more than we expected. And even more incredibly, we have had another missionary church plant in Mexico partner with us!!! How awesome is our God when we see other missionary churches sending missionaries out? Not only have we seen churches partnering with us, we have had individual Pastors who have come along side us and encouraged us in various ways. One Pastor is even taking time out of his own schedule to help get us connected with other churches who may potentially partner with the ministry God has ready for us in Italy. Things that just a month ago we did not see as a possibility. Yet, God makes the impossible possible, and provides in ways you never saw as an option. There is no better way to describe how we feel right now except for AWESTRUCK!


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