Our Journey

Our journey began while we were still dating and attending college. We were both asked to do a report on a foreign country. Dominique was enrolled in a masters program for Elementary Education and was asked to research the education and learning patterns of Italy; while I, Scott, was working on my Intercultural Studies degree and researching the demographics, religions, and how to attain a visa as if I were a missionary going to Italy. As we started to dig into the country, we realized that this people group was not only lost but they were searching for answers. We read stats finding 97% of the population is Catholic, but only a small percentage actively participate. The second largest religion, we discovered, is Islam. We learned that young Italians are leaving Catholicism looking for answers and finding Islam. At this point, we knew that something had to be done! The more we searched up and down Italy to find any resemblance of Jesus Christ the more we knew we had to act and bring the Gospel to this relatively unreached people.

Our Burden

The first time I heard the song “God of the City”, by Chris Tomlin, I was at a conference in Atlanta. I was on my feet singing and praising God for all the things that He had been teaching me that week. My mind was on my own personal walk when the band started to play “God of the City”. As I sang the words, “Greater things are yet to come, Greater things are still to be done, In this city,” I started weeping because at that time I knew of no gospel witness in Italy. However, God was working on something BIG for Italy, but the time wasn’t right. Since that conference God has made a path for other BBFI missionaries to either go to Italy. Our burden is now is to continue spreading the Gospel in Florence, and to let God do greater things as He calls a nation to serve Him.