Our Vision

We exist to engage Italians through life, teaching them to apply God’s Word, worship Him, and affect others with the power of the Gospel.

We desire to engage Italians by:

  • Creating authentic relationships. Italians are closed off to the idea of making new friends. They have made all their authentic relationships before they graduate high school.

  • Creating small groups bible studies for Italians to come and engage in community while working through life’s problems. During this time, we will focus on biblical application and knowledge.

  • Freeing the hearts and minds of new converts from the crippling works-driven religious system they were brought up in.

  • Raising leaders who will go out and affect their country with the love of Jesus Christ.

why italy?

Simple…Italy is in need of a Savior. Italians have been immersed in a religion, for centuries, that leaves them with little hope. They are searching for anything that will give them just a glimmer of that hope, and what they are finding is Islam and other false religions rather than the truth. That truth being their hope and salvation is found through Jesus Christ.

why now?

God is purposefully constructing a movement of missionaries to take Italy by storm! The field of Italy is ripe and God is undoubtedly moving. After 17 years of no BBFI presence in Italy God has called missionary families separately, in the last couple of years, to minister to Italians. He has strategically placed them throughout the country. We believe God has engaged this lost nation with His love and that He is doing “GREATER THINGS” in Italy.